Information System for Greenhouse Gases in Slovakia
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Graphical presentation of greenhouse gas emissions time series produced in Slovakia since 1990. According to UNFCCC agreement, year 1990 is regarded as a "base year", i.e. reference year that is used for calculation of Kjoto commitment target for particular countries. Slovakia is obliged to decrease total emissions in the period 2008-2012 by 8%. Chart contains time series of emission according to selected IPCC category and particular greenhouse gas. Aggregated values of "CO2 equivalent" are calculated from GHG emissions multiplied by corresponding GWP (Global Warming Potential) coefficients. Values of GWP coefficients are published in partial methodology reports of IPCC.

IPCC 1996 Category

IPCC 1996 Category: Sectors/Totals

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According to the currently valid convention the emission expressed in CO2 equivalent, following the GWP parameter: CO2 =1, CH4 =21, N2O=310, F-gases =140-23 900 - see related documents on Methodology description.