Information System for Greenhouse Gases in Slovakia
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Basic information
The objective of Greenhouse Gases emission projections is to establish future development of emission levels for defines period. This projection is based on the defined input of macroeconomics and demographic assumptions as well as on the basis of implemented and prepared emission reduction measures. The main signification of GHG projection lies in defining of proposed impact and efficiency of these measures on the emission abatement as well as in possibility of evaluate of its cost. More...

IPCC 1996 Category

Sektory/Súhrn vrátane LULUCF
Sektory/Súhrn bez LULUCF


Projections of emissions

IPCC 1996 Category: Sektory/Súhrn vrátane LULUCF
Aggregated emissions CO2 equivalent (Gg)1990*199520002006200820102015202020252030
Scenario without arrangements71520 50658 46757 46847 44138 39894 66002 69954 74611 81850 
Scenario with arrangements71520 50658 46757 46847 44435 39894 42659 41653 44174 47708 
Scenario with additional arrangements71520 50658 46757 46847 44435 39894 41620 38941 41325 44253 

According to UNFCCC 1990 is regarded as a "base year", i.e. basal year that is used for calculation of Kjoto quota for particular countries. Slovak Republic is obliged to decrease emissions in the period 2008 - 2012 by 8%.
Year 2010 is last published inventory year, i.e. published values are no projection values but real values taken from inventory.
Values of "CO2 equivalent" are calculated from GHG emissions multiplied by corresponding GWP (Global Warming Potential) coefficients. Values of GWP coefficients are published in partial reports.