Information System for Greenhouse Gases in Slovakia
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Welcome to the web site of the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Hydrometeorological Istitute, where you can find the official information on greenhouse gases (GHGs) in Slovakia.

  • ISSP is the information system designated to inform public about greenhouse gas emissions in Slovakia. It contains emissions data produced within the period since base year 1990 sectionalized into particular sectors (energy, industrial processes, agriculture, land use and waste). The system includes data about emissions, projections of emissions till 2025 and methodology actually used in Slovakia. The data can be searched using criteria and viewed in textual or graphical form using time series. This information system includes latest official data submitted to the UNFCCC and EEA and will be updated annually.
    Overview of Sectors and Greenhouse Gases.
  • Backgrounds:
    - International framework
    - National arrangements
  • National system:
    - Subjects, responsibilities and processes
    - National Inventory System SR

What's new

  • 23. May 2014 - Inventory data for year 2012 published
  • 14. May 2013 - Inventory data for year 2011 published
  • 25. April 2012 - Inventory data for year 2010 published
  • 15. April 2011 - Updated emission projections of GHG up to 2030 were uploaded in to the section Projections.
  • 15. April 2011 - National emission inventory 1990 - 2009 submitted in 2011 was uploaded in the section Documents.
  • 1. January 2011 - Department of Emission Monitoring and Air Quality is authorised by the minister of environment to approve the Certificates of origin of biofuels or bioliquids in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2009/28/EC Article 17, 18 and 19. More information please find on
  • 1. December 2010 - Department of Emisssions as the Single National Entity was integrated into Department of Emissions and Air Quality Monitoring with all competencies within the National Inventory System under the Article 5.1 of the Kyoto Protocol.
  • 4. May 2010 - Inventory data for year 2008 published
  • 4. February 2010 - Projections data have been updated
  • 14.December 2009 - United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change, Copenhagen 7.- 18. December 2009 ( COP 15 ). For more information use folder Documents - Other relevant documents on this webpage.

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