Information System for Greenhouse Gases in Slovakia
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Ministry of Environment of the Slovak republic, Department of Climate Change
Helena Princová,
Ing., PhD.

Ministry of Environment (MoE) of the Slovak republic, Department of Climate Change is the national focal point (NFP) to the UN FCCC. MoE is granting and supervising development and maintenance of national emission inventories on annual bases.

Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, Department of Emission

Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (SHMI), Department of Emission (OE) is responsible for coordination and compilation of national emission inventories for all pollutants by Ministry Decree published in Bulletin: Vestnik, Ministry of Environment, XV, 3, 2007, page 19 ( SHMI also prepares inventories for international reporting to the UN FCCC and UNECE. SHMI is responsible also for filling the new obligations regarding the EU legislation in air protection and climate change. Single National Entity (SNE - according to a COP recommendation), which coordinates the NIS and have competencies and responsibilities stipulated by law. The SNE is controlled directly by NFP.

Janka Szemesová,
Ing., PhD.

National expert at GHG inventory and reporting - inventory coordinator.

SHMI Bratislava,

Sectoral experts
designated by MoE SR

Sectoral experts for each IPCC sector or gas, explicitly responsible for the work on national communications, modelling and projections of emissions


Ján Judák,
Ing., PhD.

GHG Expert for sector ENERGY

Profing s.r.o. Bratislava,

Ivan Breziansky,
Ing., PhD.

GHG Expert for sector TRANSPORT

Vladimír Danielik,
doc. Ing., PhD.

GHG Expert for sector INDUSTRY

FCHPT STU Bratislava,

Peter Tomlein,
Ing., PhD.

GHG Expert for F - gases

SZ CHKT , Rovinka pri Bratislave

Jozef Minďáš,
RNDr., Ing., PhD.

GHG Expert for sector Agriculture , Forestry and Land use (AFOLU)

EFRA Ecological and forestry research agency,

Juraj Farkaš,

GHG Expert for sector WASTE

Integrated skills, Bratislava

Martin Gera,
RNDr., PhD.

GHG Expert for data uncertainty

FMFI UK Bratislava

Jiří Balajka,
Ing., DrSc.,


ECOSYS Bratislava


Internet portal ISSP - development and support. Emission inventory software tools development and support (NEIS)

Fig. Inventory processes