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Land use, land use change and forestry
Forest and land use sector covers wide set of biological and technical processes of the country that affect balance of GHG emissions. This sector deals with CO2, GHG only. Particular balance categories are bound to all relevant processes concerning changes in carbon stocks in all five carbon pools for reporting purposes (above ground biomass, below ground biomass, litter, deadwood and soil carbon) based on definition of representative types of land use (1) forest land, (2) grassland (meadows and pastures), (3) cropland (land used for production of food and other technical products), (4) wetlands, (5) settlements and other land (e.g. rocky floors of mountains, stone-pits etc.) and their temporal changes. From the significance point of view of the carbon balance first three land use types are most important because they cover more than 90 % of the Slovakian territory. From the point of view of GHGs balance these processes concern only balance of the carbon dioxide (CO2). In the year 2003 a new methodology was adopted and the CO2 emissions and sinks were recalculated for the time series 1990-2003 in the consistency with new requirements. The national data on wood volume increments for individual forest tree species, and results of a roundwood harvest inventory are used. 

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IPCC 1996 Category: Land-Use Change & Forestry (5)
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